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CONFIGURATION: 4 Cards per Pack 12 Packs per Box (plus 1 Bonus Pack) 6 Boxes per Inner Shipper 2 Inner Shippers per Case


NEW CONFIGURATION – 12 Packs per Box, 12 Total Boxes per Case! Get 4 Autographed, Memorabilia or Premium Insert cards per Box! Highlighted by one Autographed Rookie Jersey card! Collect 1996-97 SPx Retro cards, including hard-signed Rookies! Find the Popular Shadow Box cards – featuring rare, Signed versions! Look for an Ice Bonus Pack inside each Box! Continuing from Black Diamond, grab the latest Ice Premieres Rookie Cards! Get 1 Ice Premieres RC in Every Box! Don’t miss the Trilogy update, featuring 3 Awesome levels of Autograph RC’s! Tight numbering to 149, 49 and 25 give these updates stellar value! Find Rookie Inscriptions on select Auto Patch Rookie parallels – #’d to 30! Look for killer SPx and Ice Signed Buybacks too! Grab more Rookie Content with Rookie Materials (1/box), Combos & Trios! Get 1 Winning Materials or Winning Combos dual-swatch card in every box! Look for the return of stick elements in Winning Materials cards!


Autographed Rookie Jersey Cards SPx Autographed Rookie Jerseys, Level 1 – #’d to 699 SPx Autographed Rookie Jerseys, Level 2 – #’d to 399

More Memorabilia Cards Rookie Materials – inserted 1:12 Rookie Materials Combos – inserted 1:72 Rookie Materials Trios – inserted 1:216 SPx Autographed Rookie Patch, Spectrum // – #’d to 30 Rookie Materials Patch – #’d to 75 Rookie Materials Combos Patch – #’d to 25 Rookie Materials Trios Patch – #’d to 15 Winning Materials – inserted 1:24 Winning Combos – inserted 1:24 Winning Trios – inserted 1:108 Winning Materials Patch // – varied #ing Winning Combos Patch // – varied #ing Winning Trios Patch // – varied #ing

Extra Rookie Content Trilogy Auto Rookie Update – Level 1 – #’d to 149 Trilogy Auto Rookie Update – Level 2 – #’d to 49 Trilogy Auto Rookie Update – Level 3 – #’d to 25 SPx Rookies SP – inserted 1:2.5 SPx Rookies SSP – inserted 1:10 Rookies, Gold Auto // -- #’d to 15

Blast from the SPx Past 1996-97 SPx Retro – inserted 1:7.5 1996-97 SPx Retro Rookies – inserted 1:30 1996-97 SPx Retro Autographed Rookies – inserted 1:72

Shadow Box Cards

SPx Shadow Box – inserted 1:24 SPx Shadow Box Signatures – inserted 1:4,800 SPx Shadow Box Rookie Signatures – inserted 1:2,400

Cool Ice Cards Ice Premieres Level 4 – #’d to 999 Ice Premieres Level 3 – #’d to 499 Ice Premieres Level 2 – #’d to 249 Ice Premieres Level 1 – #’d to 99 Ice Regular Cards – 4 per box

Regular Cards 100 Regular Cards

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