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Configuration: 5 Cards/Pack 24 Packs/Box 12 Boxes/Case
3 Autograph Cards Per Box!
Autograph signers include Pierce Brosnan, Jill St. John (Diamonds Are Forever), Lois Chiles (Moonraker), Carey Lowell (Licence To Kill), Nadja Regin (Goldfinger), Clifton James (Live And Let Die), Andreas Wisniewski (The Living Daylights), Edward De Souza (The Spy Who Loved Me), Nancy Sinatra (You Only Live Twice), Eunice Gayson (From Russia With Love), Martine Beswicke (From Russia With Love), Mollie Peters (Thunderball), David Yip (A View To A Kill), and many more first-time signers!
100-Card Base Set, featuring gold foil stamping/embossing on every card and including all 22 classic James Bond films, from Dr. No to Quantum of Solace! Plus the following bonus card sets:
100-card Parallel Base Set Cards (1:3 packs, 8 per box) 108-card Dr. No Bonus Set (1:1 packs, 24 per box) 108-card Dr. No Gold Foil-Stamped Parallel Set (1:8 packs, 3 per box) 11 "Bond...James Bond" Silver Foil Cards (1:12 packs, 2 per box) 22 Commemorative Gold Foil Plaque Cards (1:12 packs, 2 per box) 18 James Bond 007 Gold Gallery Cards (1:12 packs, 2 per box) 2 James Bond Shadowbox Cards (1:144 packs, 2 per case)

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