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Configuration: 36 packs per box. 10 cards per pack.

Kalos has been revealed, yet so much still remains unseen! New Trainers, new tactics, and the awe-inspiring Xerneas and Yveltal await—as does something else. Something… different. Something to make even the mightiest of Pokémon-EX tremble! A new age begins in the Pokémon TCG with Mega Evolution!

The revolutionary Mega Evolution game mechanic is coming to the brand-new Pokémon TCG: XY expansion! Mega Evolution Pokémon evolve from Pokémon-EX, extremely powerful cards in their own right, creating a force that will change the way Pokémon TCG players build decks and create strategies for battle. Before playing a Mega Evolution Pokémon to evolve a Pokémon-EX, players must consider the situation carefully—doing so ends their turn immediately, which means they can’t attack that turn! The risky move is worth the reward, however, because Mega Evolution Pokémon exhibit a strength that surpasses that of Pokémon-EX. Hard-hitting attacks and high HP totals make Mega Evolution Pokémon dominant during Pokémon TCG matches.

Features of the Pokémon TCG: XY expansion include: - 2 all-new Mega Evolution Pokémon - 6 new Pokémon-EX - Pokémon TCG Online code cards - Over 140 cards in all!

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