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Configuration: 4 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.


Each Master Box Guarantees: - 1 On-Card Autograph** - 1 Premium 72-Point Heavyweight Stock Premium Sketch Card

EACH CASE GUARANTEES: - 1 Silver framed on-card autograph - 7 On-card autographs** - 8 Premium 72-point heavyweight stock premium sketch cards - 3 Relic Cards

*One hit per Mini Box, hits include autographs, relics, sketch cards, medallions and framed print plates **Except when replaced by a sticker auto as part of an ultra rare autograph parallel

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Star Wars Masterwork Is The Most Premium Star Wars Trading Card Set Ever Created! - Star Wars Masterwork will surprise and delight the most hard-core fans with never seen before hits and rich parallels including those made from never used before materials in a Star Wars trading card set. - From base cards to the rarest hits, the unprecedented design, ultra-premium stock and the finest classic imagery, each card is a work of art. - Star Wars Masterwork elevates Star Wars card collectability to a whole new level!

STAR WARS MASTERWORK (105 total cards) - (75) Base Cards - (10) Defining Moments Insert - (10) Companions Insert - (10) Scum & Villainy Insert

Parallels Add Levels of Chase and Value for Collectors - Base Parallels - Blue Metallic Base Parallel (numbered to 299) - Silver Metallic Base Parallel (numbered to 99) - Green Metallic Base Parallel (numbered to 50) - Gold Metallic Base Parallel (1/1)

Insert Parallels - Golden Metal Insert Parallel (1/1) - Metal Insert Parallel (numbered to 10) - Rainbow Foil Insert Parallel (numbered to 299) - Canvas Insert Parallel (numbered to 99) - Wood Insert Parallel (numbered to 50) - Clear Acetate Parallel (numbered to 25)

Hits Add Value for Collectors - Autographs - Sketch Cards - Relic Cards - Medallion Relic Cards - Stamp Relic Cards - Framed Printing Plates

BASE CARDS The Most Beloved Star Wars Characters As They've Never Been Seen Before! - 75 Base Cards featured on 72-point heavyweight premium stock in an exquisite, extensively foil-stamped design. Four Parallels to enjoy and collect!

INSERT CARDS Striking, Thematic and Exciting Star Wars Themes - DEFINING MOMENTS: The most important turning points for 10 classic characters - COMPANIONS: 10 famous partnerships from the Star Wars Saga - SCUM & VILLAINY: A 10-card rogue's gallery of everyone's favorite bad guys

INNOVATIVE INSERT PARALLELS Six Super-Collectable Substrates to Collect Each Defining Moments, Companions and Scum & Villainy Insert Card will be printed in foil, canvas, clear acetate, wood, metal, and golden metal. All sequentially-numbered! - Foil Parallel - Metal Parallel - Wood Parallel

SKETCH CARDS Fan Favorite Sketch Cards Taken to a Whole New Level! - SKETCH CARDS: 1st ever Star Wars Sketch Cards featured on 72-pt heavyweight premium stock - SKETCH CARD VARIANT: Featuring rare alternate logo and hand-numbered to 10 - WOOD SKETCH CARD: 1st ever Star Wars Wood Sketch Card that is foil stamped and hand-numbered to 5 - SKETCH CARD BOOK: This ultra rare 310-pt 2-panel sketch book is hand-numbered 1/1 - SKETCH CARD PUZZLE: Look for 50 mini boxes loaded with 4 sketch cards per mini box which combine into a 1/1 ultra rare puzzle!

AUTOGRAPHED CARDS The Most Extensive Star Wars List of Signers Ever! - AUTOGRAPHS: Actors sign directly on amazing foil stamped 72-point heavyweight premium stock cards - AUTOGRAPH PARALLELS: FOIL: Numbered to 25* CANVAS: Numbered to 10* WOOD: 1/1 - DUAL AUTOGRAPH BOOKS (STICKERED): 5 autographed books each numbered to 5 - SILVER FRAMED AUTOGRAPHS - Numbered to 29* in a silver metal frame, 1 per case

RELIC CARDS Groundbreaking Relics Take Collectability to New Heights! - SIGNATURE PEN AUTOGRAPH RELICS: A piece of the pen actually held and used by the actor signing the autograph! - WEAPON LINEAGE MEDALLIONS: Commemorates iconic weapons and the legendary hands through which they have passed - MOMENTOUS MOVIE RELICS: Authentic set materials from the movies - STAR WARS POSTAGE STAMP RELICS: Authentic US postage stamps featuring iconic images by famed illustrator Drew Struzan

Hit Rates Autographs - 1 per Master Box

Sketch Cards - 1 per Master Box

Relic Cards - 3 per Case

Medallion Relic Cards - 5 per Case*

Stamp Relic Cards - 1 per Case*

Framed Printing Plates - 4 per Subject

Parallel Rates Blue Metallic Base - Number to 299

Silver Metallic Base - Numbered to 99

Green Metallic Base - Numbered to 50

Gold Metallic Base - 1/1

Golden Metal Insert - 1/1

Metal Insert - Number to 10

Rainbow Foil Insert - Number to 299

Canvas Insert - Number to 99

Wood Insert - Number to 50

Clear Acetate Insert - Number to 25

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